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 Utkarsh Boys Hostel………………. Redefining Comforts and Facilities…………………

One has to take care of intricacies in order to ensure success. Similarly there are a large number of things, which have to be  taken into consideration while running a hostel.

We, at Utkarsh believe,  impossible is "I-M-Possible", provided we try & try again till we succeed. We set up foundation stone of Utkarsh Boys Hostel (UBH) in 2004 and the first batch of students was admitted in July 2005.Since then we never looked back & today UBH is  the best Hostel in  Bhopal.

We, at Utkarsh provide best facilities to students coming from different parts of the country. Here students can study well in Peaceful & Homely environment. They can relax during leisure times and enjoy during holidays & festivals.

Hence we can assure that life at UBH is a wholesome mixture of studies and fun.A complete "Infotainment".

Parents Say About Utkarsh
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Mr.&Mrs Sanyal
"As a caring parent of our only child Arghyajit Sanyal, we always feared that what will happen if he stays in a hostel, will he get the right food, security & environment? But Utkarsh Hostel has turned down all our worries into our satisfaction and we are very much satisfied that we got best hostel for our child in Bhopal. Thank you Utkarsh for providing our child a home away from home.
Date: 12/04/08{short description of image}
Mr D.S Bais
Utkarsh is a place where every student feels as if he's at home. At UBH Students get all facilities like calm rooms to study. Hygienic food,24 x 7 water & electric supply plus an easy transport.At UBH I found every member very friendly and caring. My son is enjoying his stay at UBH.He is scoring good marks as well.
Date: 29/03/08
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Mr.Tushin Dev
I am elder brother of Mayank, My brother is very intelligent & generally study up to 18 Hours a day. He wanted a good place to settle down in Bhopal.One of my friends introduced me to Director of UBH.I went and found that this is really a cool place where you can put your wards during their study time.This hostel is well maintained & equipped with all basic & necessary facilities.After putting my brother at UBH I am very relaxed.Its a place full of love,care and protection.
Date: 20/02/08
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Mrs.Seema Saxena
Parents always think that wherever their children live,they should get all the facilities.They should feel like their own home.I am happy to mention that my son is a part of the UBH. Here he feels as if he is at home.He gets proper food,Calm & comfortable rooms & clean toilets.Here rooms are fully furnished having cupboards & basic furniture in it. Date: 15/01/08
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